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Cooking Food (SPK0280)

Effect Length:  1.04

Low temperature bubbling in a pot while cooking food.
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Door Open and Slam (SPK0281)

Effect Length:  0.04

Fast opening, then slamming of a modern wooden door.
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Key Drop (SPK0282)

Effect Length:  0.02

Dropping a key on tiled ground.
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Door Bell Ding (SPK0283)

Effect Length:  0.05

Electric ding-dong of a door bell.
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Toaster in Action (SPK0284)

Effect Length:  0.46

Inserting bread into a toaster, operation, removal.
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Toaster on and Off (SPK0285)

Effect Length:  0.34

Turning a toaster on and off.
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Butter Toast (SPK0286)

Effect Length:  1.09

Scratchy buttering of a toast.
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Toast Bite (SPK0287)

Effect Length:  0.11

Crunchy bite into toast bread.
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Plastic Bag Movement (SPK0291)

Effect Length:  1.18

Rustling plastic bag.
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Electric Hum (SPK0297)

Effect Length:  2.01

Electric buzz, hum.
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