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Gas Flow Heater (SPK0141)

Effect Length:  4.29

Flow heater turning on and off and running.
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Inside of a Refrigerator (SPK0072)

Effect Length:  0.57

Refrigerator interior ambience.
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Metal Door (SPK0083)

Effect Length:  0.24

Metal door open and close, squeaking.
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Metal Drawer Open and Close (SPK0963)

Effect Length:  0.45

Opening and closing an office metal drawer.
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Metal Locker Unlock and Lock (SPK0964)

Effect Length:  0.31

Locking and unlocking a metal locker.
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Office Chair Stand Up Sit Down (SPK0956)

Effect Length:  0.24

Standing up from and sitting down on an office chair.
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Plastic Bucket Fill (SPK0067)

Effect Length:  0.30

Filling a plastic bucket with water.
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Printer Printing Fast (SPK0143)

Effect Length:  1.06

Home printer printing fast.
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Washing Machine (SPK0088)

Effect Length:  1.28

Washing machine in operation.
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Window Handling (SPK0155)

Effect Length:  0.16

Window open and close, rattling.
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