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We provide original custom written music for your project. We manage the process and deliver original music written to your brief.

There are times when stock music just won't do the job. Maybe it's too long for your video, too fast, too short, needs a voice-over, needs sound effects etc. or just not suitable at all.

Here at MediaMusicNow, we have access to many talented individuals to write custom music: composers, producers, songwriters, orchestrators, arrangers and instrumentalists.

If you are looking for a particular style or want a theme exclusively for your project, company branding, game, trailer, product, TV advert, documentary or film, we can help. Whether for a global brand, a small business or a wedding video, we have composers who can work to your brief.

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About Prices & Options

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to custom music. Every project can vary considerably depending on the composer and your requirements e.g. genre, length, instrumentation, usage. The biggest determinant on cost can be the license provided. Here is a brief guide to our custom music licensing options.


If you are on a lower budget, but really need something to fit your production, you may wish to consider commissioning a non-exclusive music track.

The fee is heavily subsidised by the fact that the music will be non-exclusive. We will give you 30 days of exclusive use before we publish the music and submit it to music libraries.

This way you will have something that fits your requirement, but the music still has the chance to generate us an ongoing passive income from licensing royalties as it can be used by other clients too.


In the option outlined above, you will have the music for 30 days before it is published and made available to other people who wish to license it non-exclusively. However, you may really like the piece and want to extend its exclusivity period for your project. This is possible by monthly leasing. The cost will vary depending on your usage and will be paid monthly. When you are finished with your campaign or project you may then decide to let the lease expire. This is done by discontinuing the payment. At this point, the music will be made available non-exclusively.

Unreleased Stock Music

We are constantly adding new music to our library from composers around the world, but we are also commissioning and composing in-house to build our library of high-quality music. As such, we regularly have new music coming in and this unreleased music can be licensed or leased exclusively for your project. With this option, you do not have any of the cost associated with commissioning a composer, but you can still obtain a new, unreleased track for your project or client. This works by getting in touch with us and expressing your interest. We can then provide you with an option to listen to our unreleased tracks prior to publishing them in our library.

Full Exclusivity In Perpetuity

If you require music that will only be used for your project, client or brand, this requires you to have full exclusivity to use the music indefinitely. This is the most expensive option as it means that the composer is effectively selling the earning potential of their music to you. Depending on the rights granted, the composer will no longer be able to offer licenses of the music and will no longer be able to earn future royalties from it. As such, your payment will need to compensate them for this.

The Process

Step 1 - Send us your initial enquiry

In the first instance, get in touch with details about your project requirements. It is best to do this via the online form so that we can get back to you with the right information. We can give you an idea of feasibility and ball-park costs.

Step 2 - Complete a creative brief

We ask you to complete a creative brief. This is important as it establishes the scope of the work and helps us to define the costs and agreement between you and the composer. If you have any questions don't worry we can help you.

Step 3 - Identify the right composer(s)

We will create a shortlist of composers that we feel are most suited to your project.

Step 4 - Commission the work

Once we have found the right composer we will organise the commission and project manage the work. We act as your point of contact and make sure the work is completed to the requirements of your brief.

Step 5 - Licensing documentation

An important part of a custom music commission is the music licensing and copyright aspects. As the music distributor and publisher we organise the licensing documentation.

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No Budget for Custom Music?

If you are looking for a lower cost option please see our library of royalty-free music or visit our other website for even more affordable stock music track packs and bundles.


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