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Wooden Door Squeaks (SPK0151)

Effect Length:  1.23

Squeaking creaking door.
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Coffee Machine (SPK0171)

Effect Length:  5.56

Complete run of a coffee machine.
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Metal Trashcan (SPK0172)

Effect Length:  0.34

Open and close small metal dustbin.
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Wooden Door (SPK0174)

Effect Length:  0.06

Open and close wooden door.
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Washing Hands (SPK0175)

Effect Length:  1.09

Washing hands.
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Hairdryer (SPK0176)

Effect Length:  3.18

Hairdryer turn on and off, operation, put down.
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Adhesive Tape (SPK0177)

Effect Length:  0.21

Unrolling sticky tape.
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Adhesive Tape (SPK0178)

Effect Length:  0.59

Unrolling and ripping sticky tape.
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Microwave Open Close (SPK0182)

Effect Length:  0.26

Microwave door open and close.
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Dishes and Microwave (SPK0183)

Effect Length:  0.15

Putting dishes in and out microwave oven.
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