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Established in 2005, Media Music Now is based in the UK but is a global business operating and working with clients, composers, voice overs and audio producers via the internet.

Behind the scenes we have business relationships with over 100 colleagues who help in the many areas including music production, voice over services, admin and PA services, website design and technical development, marketing and SEO.

Although many people help to provide Media Music Now's services the main contacts in the business are its founders Lee Pritchard and Adam Barber.

Our original core service was high quality royalty free music, however, over the past few years of trading the company has expanded its services to include voice overs, sound effects, custom written music and audio production services.

In version 2 of the website (launched 2011) the company has adopted the tagline Your Soundtrack Solved™ to encompass the full range of services offered.

The company is an essential source for many digital / marketing agencies, video producers, corporate events companies and product developers to name a few.

Media Music Now is a respected business in the media industry. Its founders have integrity and believe in fairness; they always consider the longevity of the industry in their business decisions.

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Lee Pritchard - Audio Producer and Founder 

Lee Pritchard is based in Manchester, United Kingdom. and has a life long passion for music; composing it, playing it, producing it and being around others who are involved in it.

Having developed a number of businesses, he exhibits classic traits of an entrepreneur.

In July 2005, Lee set up his second music based internet business - Media Music Now. This is a more focused and streamlined successor to his previous business - Zejo.com

Lee believes that he has found the niche for his energy and commitment and a vehicle for future success. Experience and persistence has equipped him with the skills and knowledge needed to make it. Furthermore, he loves what he is doing!

Adam Barber - Audio Services Support 

Adam comes from a background in hospitality, sales and IT and has a wide range of software knowledge and interpersonal skills. His adaptable ‘can do’ attitude makes him ideally suited to support the ongoing development of Media Music Now.

Adam is actively involved in a number of running processes within the business and provides a useful input to the development of new procedures. 

Adam has a great deal of enthusiasm for the project and believes passionately in the vision of the company.


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