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Plug Unplug (SPK0215)

Effect Length:  0.15

Electrical outlet plug and unplug.
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Cup and Saucer (SPK0216)

Effect Length:  0.29

Take spoon from saucer, stir, put down.
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Put Spoon on Table (SPK0218)

Effect Length:  0.16

Putting a spoon on the table.
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Cordless Phone Station (SPK0219)

Effect Length:  0.14

Take cordless phone from station and put back.
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Cordless Phone on Table (SPK0220)

Effect Length:  0.23

Take cordless phone from table, put on table.
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Phone Error Beep (SPK0221)

Effect Length:  0.05

Error beep from a cordless phone.
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Cordless Phone Dialing (SPK0222)

Effect Length:  0.29

Dialling on a cordless phone with touch tones on.
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Cordless Phone Dialing (SPK0223)

Effect Length:  0.33

Dialling on a cordless phone.
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German Answering Machine (SPK0226)

Effect Length:  0.18

German answering machine voice and idle line.
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Marker Open Close (SPK0232)

Effect Length:  0.11

Pencil cap pull off, put on.
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