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Pen and Table (SPK0233)

Effect Length:  0.26

Taking pen from table, putting and throwing on table.
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Plastic Bottle Open Close (SPK0235)

Effect Length:  0.20

Twisting a plastic bottle open and close.
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Plastic Bottle Twist (SPK0236)

Effect Length:  0.22

Twisting a plastic bottle open and close.
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Fill Up Glass Fizz (SPK0239)

Effect Length:  0.16

Filling up a drinking glass.
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Wooden Drawer (SPK0240)

Effect Length:  0.17

Open and close a wooden drawer.
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Brush Scrub (SPK0241)

Effect Length:  0.33

Brushing and scrubbing.
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Hoover Cable Coils Up (SPK0242)

Effect Length:  0.03

Vacuum cleaner cable wind up.
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Glass Open Close (SPK0244)

Effect Length:  0.08

Twist open and close a grocery glass.
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Sponge Wipe Scrub (SPK0245)

Effect Length:  0.36

Wiping and scrubbing with a sponge.
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Cutlery Case (SPK0246)

Effect Length:  0.41

Cutlery movement.
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