Privacy Policy

Media Music Now respects your privacy and will use your personal data only within the context of Media Music Now. We subscribe to the data protection legislation in the United Kingdom.

By registering to Media Music Now you are giving us consent to collect data and use it as outlined by this privacy policy.

1. Information collected

When you become a music maker or buyer on Media Music Now, we collect various items of information in order to create a profile and an account for you or your company. This data will be stored within our protected servers and will not be made available for public viewing at any time.

Data collected will be only used within the company and will be used for administrative purposes only.

Information stored will be relevant to the service you are requesting and will only be used for that purpose.

This information is limited to the details we request upon registration to for the purpose of your receipt.

2. Circumstances of disclosure

Media Music Now will never sell, lease or lend any information to independent third parties.

Media Music Now will only share information with third parties if: -

  • We are required to do so by law
  • We have prior consent to do so verbal or written
  • It is necessary for a service you have requested

3. Cookies

Cookies are tiny bits of data used by us to improve your browsing experience on Media Music Now.

Our cookies are harmless to your PC and do not collect any personal data from you. They are just used to identify you as a returning visitor and to assist in our website remembering what items you were interested in. We use cookies so the website remembers your username, the "recently viewed" list that is built up on viewing tracks/effects. They also help us to provide you with the best possible user experience and we do not use them for tracking or marketing. 

The above are the only cookies that MediaMusicNow creates and they are all first party. That means that they cannot be read by any other site and are only available on Media Music Now. We do not use any third party cookies with the exception of Google Analytics to gather statistics about the number and type of visits we are getting. These cookies are governed by Google.

Almost all modern websites use cookies of some sort. If you have concerns your web browser should have the option to block them. Please refer to your browsers help guide.

Please note: Our website cannot function without cookies. Without them you cannot login.


4. Third party links

This privacy policy only applies to Media Music Now. Third party links taking you out of our site are not covered by this policy. Sites linked to us are responsible for their own privacy policies; it is your responsibility to read their privacy policy before committing yourself. We do not have any control over the content or conduct of third party sites, however, if a third party is behaving in an inappropriate manner and we become aware of the fact, we reserve the right to terminate the link in the interest of data protection.

Third party websites may also make use of cookies. If you click an external link to a third party website, it should be clear by the layout and branding of the website you land at that you are no longer covered by this privacy policy. 


Third Party Companies we use include

5. Payment

To ensure the best possible level of security on credit and debit card transactions we sub contract this to a specialist company, RBS WorldPay, whose details and privacy policy can be seen at

6. Security

All data is protected within the status of the company and all accounts are encrypted password protected. In addition, our service provider takes appropriate security measures to protect against disclosure and unauthorised access of data.

7. Changes

From time to time we may update our privacy policy so please feel free to check back.

Also see our Website Terms of Use


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