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Scissors Cut Paper (SPK0196)

Effect Length:  0.44

Cutting paper.
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Box with Metal Pieces (SPK0198)

Effect Length:  0.47

Searching a box with small metal pieces.
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Clock Tick (SPK0203)

Effect Length:  1.01

Kitchen clock ticking.
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Alarm Clock Ring (SPK0204)

Effect Length:  0.21

Old wind-up alarm clock ringing.
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Switch Relay (SPK0207)

Effect Length:  0.01

Switching relay.
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Plastic Switch (SPK0210)

Effect Length:  0.22

Pushing a plastic switch.
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Plastic Clip Snaps (SPK0211)

Effect Length:  0.03

Snapping plastic clip.
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Paper Towel Use (SPK0212)

Effect Length:  0.35

Kitchen roll, roll rip sweep scrunch drop.
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Light Switch (SPK0213)

Effect Length:  0.07

Switch bedside lamp on and off.
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Plastic Switch (SPK0214)

Effect Length:  0.10

Switching on and off plastic switch.
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