Can I use your music on YouTube?

Our music can be licensed for use on YouTube, however, there are some special considerations that need to be understood and adhered to. The content below covers all aspects of using our music on YouTube and answers many of the common misconceptions and frequently asked questions we get asked. If you are using our music on YouTube please be sure to study this page and email us if you have any questions.

Copyright Claims & Whitelisting Music for YouTube

Content ID is a method that composers and publishers use to protect against unlicensed use of their music. It generates a content match which means they can either block the music in the video or collect any ad revenue generated.

However, if you have bought a license a copyright claim can be cleared so that you can monetize your videos and channel. Some of our music is in such systems and you are entitled to monetize the video if you have bought a license from us.

Normally, you can go through YouTube's dispute process and you should not run into any problems. If you do, email [email protected]

YouTube Content ID System

YouTube is always trying to improve its system and has recently introduced copyright and ad suitability checks in their upload flow to address issues before your video goes public. Watch their video, this is really clear and easy to understand.



Using Our Music as a Supporting Element

If you are a vlogger, making a corporate video or instructional video you can use our music on YouTube with our Standard License. In this situation you will be using our music as part of your overall production and the main purpose of your video is to convey information. You will be using our music to underscore your narration and visual elements. You are covered by our standard license and you can use the music as many times as you like on your channel without restriction on how many views the license covers. This is because you are using our music to enhance your production and your channel attracts views because of you and your video content. The popularity of your channel has nothing to do with our music, it is just a supporting element.

Using Our Music as the Main Feature

Where our music is being used in its entirety with no other instructional or spoken element but just has a still image(s), animation, lip-syncing or mime with the purpose of monetising the content we have a different license policy for this. In this scenario, the music is a major part of the content with the purpose of getting as many views as possible to generate revenue from monetization. These types of videos include but are not limited to Nursery Rhymes, relaxation, Christmas music.

This is covered by our standard license but is only covered up to 1,000,000 views per license. Whether it is 1,000,000 views on one video or over a number of videos, it is the total number of views that matters. At the point you are reaching this limit you must obtain a relicense by emailing [email protected]

We have done this because some videos reach over a billion views and many more achieve millions of views. The YouTube rule of thumb is approx £800 of revenue per one million views. As an example, one billion views would generate approximately £800,000. This is grossly disproportionate to the cost of a single music license and the reason for our policy is to protect the interest of our composers/publishers and Media Music Now in such events.

With our 1,000,000 views policy you can earn approximately £800 for the cost of a license (£30 approximately) which is less than 4%. A YouTube Music Video Relicense is basically the cost of the license again for a further 1,000,000 views.  Where your income is being generated in this way our music is responsible for at least half of this effort and our license cost and relicense policy is extremely fair and economical.

That said, we are open to negotiation on the costs, just email us [email protected]

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