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We operate a credit system. The selection you have made requires 18 credits.

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Licenses & Uses Explained 

We have a variety of license types for a variety of uses. Below is an overview of what each license type covers, what is allowed and what is not allowed. Click on the links for full details. 

Standard License (Overview)

Film & Video - Online

You can use our music and sound effects in your online video by purchasing our standard license.

This includes use on:  

Please see full details for Film & Video - Online

Film & Video - Physical Distribution

You can use our music and sound effects in your video or film and make up to 5,000 units on our standard license.

This includes:

  • DVD / CD ROM
  • BluRay
  • Pen Drive

Make and distribute or sell up to 5,000 physical copies. If you plan to make more than 5,000 units see Extended Licensed A to C. If you are not sure, get the standard license and contact us later when / if you need to upgrade. 

Please see full details about Film & Video - Physical Distribution

Apps / Games / Software

You can use our music and sound effects in your apps, games or software by purchasing our standard license.

Our standard license covers:

  • Free to use apps, games or software downloads
  • Up to 5,000 sold units of paid for apps, games or software

Full details about using our music in apps, games and software


Our standard license includes TV or Radio broadcast. 

It can be used in:

  • Station Idents / Radio Imaging
  • Programme content / Documentaries
  • Advertising on Local Radio / Local TV / Online TV only

See Extended Licenses D to E for advertising options for regional, national or worldwide broadcast.

Full details about broadcast use and cue sheets

Audio Only Products

Our music and sound effects can be included in your audio only projects and productions. The standard license includes use in:

Other Business Uses:

Extended Licenses (Overview)

Extended License A to C

For when you are either: -

  • Making more than 5,000 physical copies of your item containing our music or sound effects.
  • Selling more than 5,000 downloads or product subscriptions of your item containing our music or sound effects.

For more than 1,000,000 copies please get in touch for a custom quote.

Extended D to E: Regional/National or Worldwide TV & Radio Advertising

These license options include the same uses covered in the standard license but extend its usage to include advertising on TV and Radio campaigns.

Full details about TV / radio broadcast and cue sheets

Extended F to G: National or Worldwide Theater / Cinema release (including in-theatre advertising / screening pre-roll)

These license options cover usage in large scale theatrical or cinematic productions. If your project is a local / small production our standard license will suffice.

See Theatres and Shows for full details

Extended H: Household Brands

Please select this extended license to cover usage by blue chip / household brands. This license option allows for global, ongoing use on all known platforms with a single license fee.

See full information here

Extended I: Online Advert

This license option includes the same uses covered in the standard license but extend its usage to include use in an online advert.

See Online Adverts for full details

General License Terms - Allowances and Restrictions (Overview)


  • Make the music shorter or longer to fit your project. 
  • Talk over it and mix it with other music and sound effects.
  • Use our music anywhere in the world. 
  • Sing over the music but only as part of an advertisement or corporate promotion. 
  • Use in perpetuity (forever).

See full details here


  • You can not sing over the music to make your own song.
  • You can not share or distribute music licensed from us. 
  • You can not use our music previews or edited versions of them in your finished project. 

See full details here

Disallowed but may be possible with Special Arrangement

  • Covermounts and giveaways
  • Selling the music on its own

If you have a specific requirement, please get in touch with details about your project.

Have any questions? 

If you have further questions please see our Royalty Free Music & Sound Effects FAQs. If you have a specific requirement or budget not covered here or in our FAQs please feel free to get in touch and we will help if we can.