Using our Music for Your Hypnosis or Self-Help Products

Our music and sound effects can be licensed and used in self-help or hypnoses style products. Providing the audio is mixed with a voice element it can be included in this type of audio product. This includes distribution via: -

  • Website
  • CD
  • Mp3
  • DVD

If your product is free to the public, our standard license is sufficient.

If you product is being sold the standard license covers the first 5000 sales. This allowance is irrespective of whether the item is sold as a download or CD product. 

Any product must be mixed with additional content in the form of spoken material and cannot be sold as a music only product. Selling music only is prohibited by our license agreement, however, we may be able to create a special license agreement in some instances. Please contact us if this is your intention and we can explore the possibilities.

Extended License Options

If you wish to make more than 5000 physical units please select an extended license option. If you don't know how many you are going to sell please purchase a standard license and contact us for an upgrade if it becomes necessary.

The Extended options for additional duplications are: -

  • Extended A: Make up to 125,000 copies
  • Extended B: Make up to 500,000 copies 
  • Extended C: Make up to 1,000,000 copies  

For more than 1,000,000 copies or if you have a specific budget or requirement please contact us for help.

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