Using Our Music in Trade Shows, Events & Seminars

Our royalty free music can be used in your trade show, event or seminar without having to pay additional royalties to performance royalty organizations.

Our standard license covers use in short-term events like the above mentioned.

PRS and other Performance Royalty Organizations (PRO's)

In most countries PROs monitor music used by businesses, which often includes tradeshows etc. They are mainly looking to collect license fees on mainstream music but may also approach users of royalty free music, stock music or copyright free music. Each country has its own PRO (PRS in the UK).   

Will PRO question me?

Even if you use our (or any) royalty free music you may still get approached by these agencies if they are monitoring the venue. This is quite rare as most of these matters are dealt with through the event organizers beforehand. If you are questioned, you can show them our license documentation and they can contact us directly for confirmation of your license with us. In the case of our music the composers have signed an agreement to waive additional royalty collections from agencies for trade-show use.

In our experience this has always been enough to dissuade collection societies from trying to charge you any additional fees.

Further Peace of Mind

Although we can assure PROs that your license has been paid, many composers join a PRO to benefit if their music is used in TV, Radio or Film. The downside is that PROs don't always acknowledge the right of the composer to also earn income via other services (such as ours). The result is that they may ask for proof of your license (which we provide). This can be inconveniet, but we are here to help.

Is the composer missing out if I don't pay the PRO fee?

No. The PRO fees collected are pooled together and paid proportionately to PRO members. As all mainstream artists rely heavily on PROs the money collected is divvied up based on statistics of plays. This tends to go in favour of the mainstream artists. Realistically, independent artists and composers that join PROs do not benefit from public use of their music. They usually join a PRO for TV, Radio and Film use of their music as this is more accurately monitored. 

Even if you paid the PRO for using our music, there is almost no chance that our composer will receive the money. However, licensing through MediaMusicNow means that the composer receives 50% of the fee.

If you do have any problems with PROs when using our music please feel free to get in touch for help. Please note: we can only assist with music licensed from us.

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