Can I use your music / sound effect in my vending machine / kiosk device / arcade machine? 

Typically the audio in these types of machines is aimed at enhancing the user experience in terms of audible feedback or attracting the attention of passing users. 

Our music and sound effects can be licensed for such purposes. Our standard license covers up to 5000 devices.

If you need to make more than this, please select the extended license options when downloading. 

The Extended options for additional duplications are: -

  • Extended A: Make up to 125,000 copies
  • Extended B: Make up to 500,000 copies 
  • Extended C: Make up to 1,000,000 copies  

For more than 1,000,000 copies please contact us for a price.

Our audio must be part of the devices operation only and the music or sounds can't be made available to the user.

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