Our Royalty Free Music / Sound Effects for Online Adverts

Our standard license covers our royalty free music and / or sound effects to be used online as part of a corporate video, YouTube, Podcast and more. However, if you are creating an online advert an extended license is required.

What is an Online Advert?

We define an online advert as an audio or video promotion created specifically as an advert to be placed in advertising networks and distributed as wide as possible. This will be a system where you pay to have your advert played on or at the beginning (pre-roll) of others content, such as TrueView Ads.

You may be creating your own advert and distributing it yourself or using an agency.

Online advertising networks include but are not limited to:

  • YouTube / TrueView
  • Pre-rolls of streaming content
  • Facebook Video Adverts

Which License?

Advertising C: Online Ad Delivery

This license covers one online advert/creative/commercial for unlimited views anywhere.


With advertising our licenses only cover one creative/commercial. If you require a license for more than one creative/commercial please contact us.

Need Further Clarification?

We are here to help, please contact us with details of your project and we will advise you. 


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