Does your music / sound effect license cover Games, Apps and Software? 

Our Standard License A allows our music and sound effects to be used in free to use apps, software and games.

Our music and sound effects must only play a supporting role and must not be the main focus of the app, software or game.

This includes apps, games and software for:

  • Phones
  • Computers
  • Tablets
  • Games consoles etc.

In-app advertising is allowed in the item that contains our music or sound effects providing our music is not part of the advertisement. If it is part of an advertisement please get in touch.

Physical Distribution

If your game, app or software is to be distributed on any physical storage medium such as: -

  • A sim card
  • Cartridge
  • Flash drive etc.

Our standard license covers up to 5,000 copies. If you plan to make more than 5,000 copies see our Standard Licenses B to E.

Sold Downloads / Subscriptions

If you are selling a product directly or via a subscription containing our music as part of your app, software or game you are covered up to 5,000 sold products on our standard license. If you plan to sell more than 5,000 downloadable products or subscriptions see our Standard License B to E.

If you do not know how many paid downloads, paid subscribers or paid physical products you will achieve just purchase the standard license and contact us when you are close to exceeding the 5,000 limit.

Extended License Options

The options for additional duplications are: -

  • Standard License B: Make up to 125,000 copies
  • Standard License C: Make up to 500,000 copies
  • Standard License D: Make up to 1,000,000 copies
  • Standard License E: Make unlimited copies  

If you have a specific budget or requirement please contact us for help.


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