Extended F to G: National or Worldwide Theater / Cinema release

Our royalty free music and sound effects can be licensed as incidental, background music, theme music or as an intro or outro theme or interval music in a show. It can be combined with voice over and sound effects to for this purpose. In addition our music and sound effects can be licensed for use in theatrical advertising features in cinemas.

Here are the options for your requirement:

If your production is a single venue, short-run, non-profit show please purchase our standard license.

If your production is revenue generating, multi-dates, multiple venues please select one of our extended options as detailed below.

  • Advertising D: Regional / National Theater & Cinema
  • Advertising E: Worldwide Theater & Cinema

Movie Soundtracks

A cinematic film release usually has a budget and custom music created specifically for that film. However, there are instances where royalty free music tracks and/or sound effects fit perfectly for the requirement. In this case you are able to license our tracks as detailed above.

Also, you may wish to pad out your film with temporary music prior to commissioning a composer. This can be useful to gauge the feel of the cinematography in a rough cut before employing the services of a composer. This can save time and money when briefing the composer as you will be able to demonstrate the mood and feel you are looking to achieve.

If you are licensing our stock music and sound effects for the purpose of temp tracks, and these tracks are being removed before the cinematic release you can use our standard license. However, if the music is going to be in the released film our extended license for cinema release is required.

We also request that cue sheets are completed for cinematic release.

Extended License F to G also includes usage for in-theatre advertising / screening pre-rolls.

If you have a specific requirement or budget please feel free to get in touch and we will help if we can.


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