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Country Ambience Voices

Effect Length:  0.40

Country Ambience Voices: Outdoor at Cypriot countryside. Birds tweeting, distant cars, small dog and faint voices.
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Country Road Truck Drive By

Effect Length:  0.49

Country Road Truck Drive By: General countryside ambience near rural road. Birds tweet, breeze through trees. A small truck / lorry drives by
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Crickets Chorus, Cicadas Singing 01

Effect Length:  1.26

Crickets Chorus, Cicadas Singing 01: Crickets loop, sparse and relaxing sound of crickets singing. Seamlessly looping sound.
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Crickets Chorus, Cicadas Singing 02

Effect Length:  0.56

Crickets Chorus, Cicadas Singing 02: Gentle crickets chorus, relaxing and soothing with a nice and subtle, even rhythm. Seamlessly looping sound.
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Crickets Wide Stereo

Effect Length:  3.38

Crickets Wide Stereo: Crisp and clear crickets sound. Wide stereo image, few crickets on both sides of mic, from a warm summer evening.
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Day at the Beach

Effect Length:  4.02

Day at the Beach: Slow ocean waves wash in, occasional birds tweet, children and adults play and swim, people walking by and talking faintly. 4 minute...
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Farmland Ambience 01

Effect Length:  0.45

Farmland Ambience 01: Many birds, distant farm vehicles and general farming activity. Very faint voices.
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Farmland Ambience 02

Effect Length:  0.32

Farmland Ambience 02: Very thick chorus of birds tweeting, general rural ambient noise and occasional distant voices.
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General Countryside Ambience

Effect Length:  1.00

General Countryside Ambience: Recorded in rural countryside area upstate New York on a hot summer day. Buzzing insects, single bird tweeting repeatedl...
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Howling Wind Inside Perspective

Effect Length:  1.35

Howling Wind Inside Perspective: Heard from inside cabin, an eerie, howling, lonely wind blows over the wastelands outside. Seamlessly looping sound.
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