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Outdoor Daytime Ambience 3

Effect Length:  2.23

Outdoor daytime ambience 3: Fewer birds, more insects. Occasional cockerel in distance, and some very distant traffic.
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Outdoor Evening Ambience 1

Effect Length:  2.38

Outdoor evening ambience 1: Exotic countryside evening. One cricket close, more crickets in distance. Distant frogs and few birds.
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Outdoor Evening Ambience 2

Effect Length:  2.22

Outdoor evening ambience 2: Night time exotic forest area with many crickets and frogs. Waterfall in the distance.
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Outdoor Evening Ambience 3

Effect Length:  1.25

Outdoor evening ambience 3: Night time on porch. Close up on one cricket, with more insects, cicadas, crickets in background.
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Rarotonga Beach

Effect Length:  1.19

Rarotonga Beach: Soft crystal clear water rolling onto a white sandy beach.
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Southland Plane

Effect Length:  1.27

Southland Plane: Expansive outdoor plane. Sparrows in the trees, wind rustling through the trees and tussock grass on a southland plane.
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White Island Volcano

Effect Length:  1.41

White Island volcano: From one of New Zealand's active volcanoes. Natural lava vents emitting hot steam (no running lava). Steam release every few sec...
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Blustery Wind, Distant Sea

Effect Length:  2.37

Blustery Wind, Distant Sea: Wind blows between buildings, causing slight howling sound. Very slight rain in the air, with occasional dripping sound. H...
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Busy Farm Ambience (Mono)

Effect Length:  1.15

Busy Farm Ambience: Tractor driving around farm, thick chorus of birds, livestock, many cows mooing.
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City Park Light Ambience

Effect Length:  2.29

City Park Light Ambience: Park in Oslo, Norway. Few birds singing, none up close. Distant rumble of traffic, no people in the park. General outdoor pa...
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