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Healesville Sanctuary

Effect Length:  2.26

Healesville Sanctuary Rainforest: Rain forest after rain has just finished. Birds squawking in the trees, water dripping off leaves and running in the...
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Idyllic Beach Calm Waves

Effect Length:  3.23

Idyllic beach, calm waves: Light, calm waves lapping up a white sandy beach on a tropical island.
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Island Beach

Effect Length:  2.07

Island beach: Slow, smooth waves coming in. Some cicadas, few distant tropical birds.
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Marketplace Ducks

Effect Length:  1.14

Marketplace ducks: Close-up on ducks in a cage at marketplace. Quacking excitedly.
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Mount Ruapehu Windy

Effect Length:  2.06

Mount Ruhapehu windy: Wind whipping around the ski lodges and whistling through guy wires on ski lift supports. Mt Ruapehu was the location for some o...
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Music - Chinese Pop Song Performance

Effect Length:  4.06

Chinese amateur performers singing and playing Chinese pop music.
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Northern Marsh Sunset

Effect Length:  1.30

Northern Marsh Sunset: A marsh / swamp in the far north of New Zealand featuring frogs and crickets.
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Northland Bush Tui

Effect Length:  1.29

Northland Bush Tui: The exotic bird, Tui, high in a tree, singing in thick native New Zealand bush land.
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Outdoor Daytime Ambience 1

Effect Length:  2.41

Outdoor daytime ambience 1: Quiet Far Eastern country farmyard ambience. Birds, light breeze.
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Outdoor Daytime Ambience 2

Effect Length:  2.53

Outdoor daytime ambience 2: Far Eastern park area. Quiet surroundings, birds, light breeze. Occasional distant duck.
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