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Weather: Dry Desert Wind (Long version)

Effect Length:  0.27

Weather, wind: Dry desert wind, or space wind. Seamlessly looping sound, long version.
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Weather: Dry Desert Wind (Short version)

Effect Length:  0.09

Weather, wind: Dry desert wind, or space wind. Seamlessly looping sound, short version.
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Angklung Eastern Ambience

Effect Length:  1.14

Eastern Ambience (no real recognisable melody) from Angklung, the far eastern percussive instrument.
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Batavias Rice Field

Effect Length:  2.50

Batavias Rice Field: Outdoor ambience. Quiet afternoon in rice field. Breeze, insects, few birds, children playing in far distance.
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Beach Waves Coming In On Rocks

Effect Length:  1.13

Beach sounds of waves coming in on rocks: Light to medium water waves lapping against rocks and sand on a small beach.
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Beach With Seagulls

Effect Length:  2.46

Beach with Seagulls: Daytime beach. Seagulls, waves coming in, water lapping.
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Calm Beach Close To Water

Effect Length:  2.54

Calm Beach Close to Water: Slow waves lapping up a sandy beach. Recorded very close to the waters edge.
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Far East Country Birds 1

Effect Length:  1.02

Far East country birds: Country birds (Ducks, chicks, chickens, pigeons) in a quiet farmyard/country setting.
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Harvest Women 1

Effect Length:  2.56

Harvest women 1: Farmer woman working, discharging rice from rice straw. Occasional talking.
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Harvest Women 2

Effect Length:  0.33

Harvest women 2: Closer recording than the above, with more articulated sound of rice falling.
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