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King of Spades

Track Length:  2.06 | Additional Versions : 9

Uptempo, fast, fun and sporty rock / metal track. Infectious guitar riffs combine with breaks and beats, effects and processing, to create a track of ...
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Kick It Up

Track Length:  2.47 | Additional Versions : 14

Busy, glitchy, hard and edgy electronic / dubstep track available with or without the vocals. Deep pumping dubstep beats, staccato synths squelching a...
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Track Length:  4.11

Edgy atmospheres featuring hand drums, gongs and synthesizers. Suspenseful, dark and ambient with shifting tension, this underscore provokes feelings ...
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Track Length:  2.19 | Additional Versions : 4

A steady rise of anxious emotions evoke an ominous feeling of a dark impending fate. Suspenseful atmospheres are punctuated by moments of extreme tens...
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Track Length:  2.36 | Additional Versions : 1

African percussive underscore featuring a West African Marimba called a Gyll and an assortment of hand drums including Djembe and Bongos. Upbeat and e...
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Track Length:  2.35 | Additional Versions : 1

African percussive underscore featuring Kaval flute, Djembe, Djun, and an assortment of hand drums including Krobot and Bobo. Upbeat and energetic thr...
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Keys 2 Summer

Track Length:  3.10 | Additional Versions : 10

Somewhere between Dance / Club music and Chill-out music, this stylish track has a moderate energy level and will work well as background music for pr...
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Kick It Up

Track Length:  2.42

A feel-good country piece, driven by rocking guitars and drums. Evokes fun, optimism and a positive outlook. Imagine driving with the top down and wid...
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Kick My Bass

Track Length:  2.12 | Additional Versions : 9

Bass fuelled and aggressive underground dance music, featuring heavy basslines, bleepy toplines and a detuned vocal straddling hip hop beats. 75 BPM.
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Track Length:  2.32 | Additional Versions : 11

Melodic track with uplifting end, features orchestral instruments. The second half of this track builds to a triumphant end which makes this ideal for...
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