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Killer Instinct

Track Length:  2.17 | Additional Versions : 10

Gutsy alternative guitar rock with a punch. Chunky guitar riffing lead the way to varied sections and chord progressions, giving the track several 'li...
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Kooky Count

Track Length:  2.03

Whimsical orchestral mix featuring violins, bass, clarinet and tubas starting sparsely leading to upbeat, mid-tempo interactions. Lends itself to ligh...
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Kings Feast

Track Length:  3.07 | Additional Versions : 7

Authentic sounding medieval instruments play a bawdy, brazen Celtic dance number for the Tudor court. The track varies in tempo, with some uptempo par...
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Keep Movin On

Track Length:  2.54 | Additional Versions : 4

A sweaty vocal dance track with high energy house rhythms, bass and drums. Perfect for athletic fitness, Aerobic and Zumba routines. Filled with catch...
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Kids on TV

Track Length:  0.25

Funky, upbeat and cheerful opening TV theme with a hip hop flavor. Suitable for all types of media. Features funky drums, brass, bass, vocal phrases, ...
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Killa Warra

Track Length:  2.33 | Additional Versions : 3

Synthy tense action rock with aggressive guitars, cycling synth loops and big arena drums
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Keep Updated

Track Length:  2.38 | Additional Versions : 9

Information and news at any time. Business, technological and corporate styled track. Great for underscore any kind of presentation
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Kids Blues

Track Length:  2.15 | Additional Versions : 6

A traditional 12 bar blues with a playful melody played by a vintage lead synth. Also featuring B4 organ and guitars.
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Kyoto Lounge

Track Length:  2.50 | Additional Versions : 6

A chill out experience with traditional Japanese instrument, Fender Rhodes with a nice groove.
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Kids Party (Loop)

Track Length:  0.07

Xylophones and simple drum accompaniment in this playful track.
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