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Keep On Movin

Track Length:  2.34

A really positive and uplifting pop-rock track. Acoustic and electric guitars combine to make a full, bright sound and a happy mood.
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Keeping On

Track Length:  2.39 | Additional Versions : 7

An inspiring and motivational pop-rock track with an uplifting feel. Multiple guitar parts, driving drums and bass combine to create a full and envelo...
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Keep Going

Track Length:  5.35 | Additional Versions : 4

Lots of movement and rigid automated action in this industrial dance track. Leaning more to hi-tech and science areas, the repeating chord motif holds...
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Knowing What I Do

Track Length:  1.48 | Additional Versions : 3

Listen to your elders in this fresh urban track. A mixture of annoyance and arrogance produce a soundtrack that verges on being slightly confrontation...
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Keep in Motion

Track Length:  3.07 | Additional Versions : 8

Uptempo, upbeat, energetic and sizzling electro-dance track, Exciting, moving and exhilarating with swirling energy patterns and deep pumping synthesi...
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Kick It

Track Length:  3.06 | Additional Versions : 8

Fast, reckless, punk-rock / punk-pop. This track has attitude, guts, excitement and energy, good for action packed sports footage, extreme sports, rac...
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Keep On Running

Track Length:  2.56 | Additional Versions : 9

A very high energy Indie rock track with slight elements of Punk and hard rock, but mostly this is a Brit Rock / Alternative Rock / New Wave rock trac...
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Track Length:  2.51 | Additional Versions : 9

Very driven pop-rock / light rock track featuring a characteristic piano pattern. Beautiful light mood and at the same time very powerful and determin...
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Keen Tweaks

Track Length:  2.25 | Additional Versions : 10

Future Garage influenced track featuring chopped up vocals with pop influenced commercial backing vocals. Busy and bouncy with swing piano element. Al...
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Kingdom in the Clouds

Track Length:  1.16 | Additional Versions : 7

Fantasy orchestral track of amazement, wonderment and grand, epic scenery. Very 'big sky', playful and lively, full orchestral sound suitable for feat...
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