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Latest Royalty Free Music

A Christmas Delight

Track Length:  2.55 | Additional Versions : 15

Step into the festive season with this heartwarming Christmas track, wrapped in a delightful Jazzy vibe. The acoustic piano sets a merry rhythm accomp...
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Fantastique (J.Adamich)

Track Length:  1.54 | Additional Versions : 7

A grand, epic, and soaring 'big sky' track with full orchestration. Lively / Celebratory / Uplifting / Greatness. 170 BPM.
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The Magic Fountain

Track Length:  2.13 | Additional Versions : 3

A fantasy / adventure track with an air of wonderment, amazement and mystery. Epic, grand, and sweeping, but also soft and restrained. Wonder / Awe / ...
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The Greatest Adventure

Track Length:  2.00 | Additional Versions : 9

A soaring, uplifting and grandiose, cinematic track with full orchestration and a 'grand family adventure' sound. Amazement / Wonderment / Adventure.
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Soul Broke Blues

Track Length:  2.14 | Additional Versions : 17

Conveying a feeling of desolation and loss, this blues track is the epitome of 'a good man feeling down.' Slide resonator guitar plays and a lamenting...
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Wildcard Sally

Track Length:  1.55 | Additional Versions : 20

Sleek, 1920s Big City, are easily expressed within the first moments of this light and lively track. Soprano and bass clarinets play a swank 'melodram...
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Turkey Shoot

Track Length:  2.36 | Additional Versions : 20

Upbeat and friendly, this bluegrass track is easy and light with a touch of crazy. Its Americana country flavor is a balancing act between the affable...
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Travellin Man

Track Length:  2.06 | Additional Versions : 15

Simple, sparse and inspired, this cute fingerstyle track is made by a single acoustic guitar, hi-hat and kick drum. It can convey warmth, heart, consi...
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Tom Foolery

Track Length:  2.26 | Additional Versions : 15

Easy, happy, and good-natured, this early country track is perfect for comedy and light friend dramas. Melodies made with its slide resonator guitar b...
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This Too Shall Pass

Track Length:  2.05 | Additional Versions : 17

This slow, deep blues track easily transports the listener to a rural, pensive state of mind. Acoustic guitar and slide resonator guitar create the wi...
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