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Fully produced Podcast intro and outro ready for you to drop into your Podcasts.
Give your Podcast production the professional edge with our Podcast Intro Service

Curated Voice Overs

Voice overs to record audio

Hand-picked voice talent that we trust
to produce quality audio.

Managed Process

Voice over process managed in-house

We are the intermediary between
you and the voice-over.

Consistent Quality

Quality checked audio

We edit and produce audio in-house to
keep the quality consistent.


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How does the Podcast Intro Service Work?

Choose a voice over from our voice talent and send us your podcast intro script for a quote.

Once ordered, we organise the recording with the voice over.

We edit and produce the audio in-house to create you a professionally produced podcast intro.

We typically blend it with music depending on your requirements. We can also apply a sound effects layer if that is required.

Once completed, we send you the the audio files via download.

Featured Production Examples

These are examples of the production quality achieved by our audio producer at Media Music Now.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Podcast Intros

How much will it cost?

The cost will vary depending on your exact requirements. For example, it depends on the following: 

  • Your choice of voice over
  • The music you want to use
  • Whether you require sound effects
  • How long your script is
  • How big your audience is

The best way to get a quote is to get in touch with your script and requirements and we will be happy to help. 

Email us at [email protected].

How long will it take?

Once you have placed your order with us and delivered your final ready to record script, we aim to have the audio back to you within 3 to 5 working days, subject to voice over availability.

How will my audio be delivered?

Your audio will be delivered in 16bit CD Quality WAV format via download. It will be provided in a number of mixed files depending on the requirements of your project. We will also provide the voice over elements of the intro as separate files. We can provide alternative formats upon request.

Can I make changes after the recording has started?

We schedule in the recording session with the voice talent as soon as we have your final ready-to-record script. If you change your mind about the wording of the script after the recording has started, we will have to schedule a re-record for you. This is typically charged at a nominal fee to cover the cost of re-hiring the voice over.

What if I don't like the result?

We always aim to please. We provide voice over demos on our website so that you can get a good feel for their style and tone. If your audio does not reflect the style of their demo or if the voice-over mispronounces any words, we will get them to rerecord it at no extra cost to you. Additionally, if you provided clear directions on your script and the voice over fails to deliver it, we will get them to re-record it.

However, if you do not provide clear direction (including words with specific pronunciations i.e. brand names, technical terms etc.) or if you (or your client) just changes their mind about the voice-over, we will have to charge you accordingly.

Can I work directly with the voice over?

This is not something we offer. We are not a voice-over agency that connects clients with voice overs. Our voice talent work as part of our team under our brand and terms. We simplify the process by presenting you with a curated selection of voice-overs that we work with and trust to deliver audio at the quality required by us.

Can you source a voice over for me?

If we do not have a voice over that matches your requirements we may be able to source voice talent for you. This includes non-English speaking voice overs.

We will need to charge an additional fee for this to cover the rate of the voice over and the time we spend finding a voice over for you.

Can a voice-over narrate my whole podcast?

This service is for introducing your podcast and is mixed into the audio content that you have recorded for your podcast show. However, there may be instances where you require your podcast to be narrated by a voice-over. This is fine, but please have a listen to the demos at the link below as the narration style differs from intros.

See Podcast Narrators

Can you provide tips for recording my podcast content?

Sure, there are a number of articles on our website on the subject of how to record your own voice. See this section.

Alternatively, have a look at our blog for ideas.

Still have questions?

Email us directly at [email protected]


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