Hire Podcast Narrators

Typically, clients create their own podcast content, but use our podcast intro service to introduce the show.
However, you may prefer a professional voice over to do this for you. Below are demos for our podcast narrators.

Curated Voice Overs

Voice overs to record audio

Hand-picked voice talent that we trust
to produce quality audio.

Managed Process

Voice over process managed in-house

We are the intermediary between
you and the voice-over.

Consistent Quality

Quality checked audio

We edit and produce audio in-house to
keep the quality consistent.

Podcast Narration Demos

These demos are supplied by the voice-overs and have not been edited or produced by MediaMusicNow. To hear examples of our production please see the Featured Production Examples on the main page.

Get in touch for more information

Email us with details of your requirements and we will be happy to help. Email [email protected]


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