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We are often asked questions about music, voice-overs and audio production. Sometimes, the answers require an in-depth explanation, maybe with graphics, screenshots, and even video to fully explain the concepts or techniques. As such, we are creating this resource for articles.

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Glossary of Media Terms

There are many terms related to music production and multimedia. This glossary is a quick guide to understanding various terms and their definitions. Learn More >

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Covert Binaural Ambience Recording

Okay, I know that sounds a bit like something 007 would say, but it will all make sense. Sound ambiences are a crucial part of media and filmmaking. It is standard practice for editors to source and add sound to a film at a later stage after filming. As someone who records and sells sound […]

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Copyright in Music Soundalikes

Using music soundalikes can be much less costly than using the real thing. A sound-alike or Pastiche is a long used technique used by composers. For example, using the original James Bond theme in your project would be very expensive, but using a track that sounds like it will be much more cost-effective. For example, […]

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