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We are often asked questions about music, voice-overs and audio production. Sometimes, the answers require an in-depth explanation, maybe with graphics, screenshots, and even video to fully explain the concepts or techniques. As such, we are creating this resource for articles.

Hopefully, you will find the section useful. If there is anything you would like us to cover please email us and we can consider it for future publication.

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Glossary of Media Terms

There are many terms related to music production and multimedia. This glossary is a quick guide to understanding various terms and their definitions. Learn More >

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Why Are We Still Using 44.1kHz 16bit for Music?

Somewhere in digital music history, audio at 44.1kHz 16bit became the accepted standard for CD. Our stock music library uses this standard (as do most) and all consumer music still uses it in 2019. However, it is an old standard now. It is believed that these sample/bit rates were established from a balance between two […]

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Get Prime Minister Boris Johnson to Say Whatever You Like!

Well, almost! Clearly, this is not actually possible as our new Prime Minister will be very careful with his words. And he won’t be voicing for Media Music Now any time soon – unless being PM goes really bad. However, we have the next best thing… a talented impressionist on our voice roster… have a […]

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