Podcast Intro Voice Overs from the United Kingdom

We organise and manage the process with our hand-picked, trusted voice talent. We have two selections of UK voice overs.
Selection A offers voices that have pre-agreed rates with us and Selection B are agreed upon request.

Curated Voice Overs

Voice overs to record audio

Hand-picked voice talent that we trust
to produce quality audio.

Managed Process

Voice over process managed in-house

We are the intermediary between
you and the voice-over.

Consistent Quality

Quality checked audio

We edit and produce audio in-house to
keep the quality consistent.

Selection A – Quick Quotes (Recommended)

These voice overs are usually the most cost-effective and have pre-agreed rates with us based on our recommendations. They allow us to negotiate on their behalf, which means we can quote quickly. Typically within a few hours.

The demos here are supplied by the voiceovers and have not been edited or produced by MediaMusicNow. To hear examples of our production please see our Featured Production Examples on the main page.

Selection B – Custom Quotes Only

Voice overs in this selection need to be quoted on a case by case basis and will be typically more expensive than our Selection A voices. Getting quotes may require several emails as the voice over may request additional information and apply additional terms. Getting a firm quote for someone in this selection may take up to 72 hours.

Can't find a suitable voice over?

We may be able to source a suitable voice over for your project, please email us directly [email protected]


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