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Royalty free soundscapes full of texture and plenty of atmosphere. Light synth pads, dark and foreboding ambiences, metallic sounds and abstract environments make this section of soundscapes and atmospheres ideal for documentaries of space / underwater exploration or dark, mysterious and tense thriller / sci-fi / futuristic film and game soundtracks.

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Empty Streets (A.Khaskin)

Track Length:  1.09

Soft, emotional and sad underscore for Film and TV. Featuring piano, distant trumpet, ambient pads and sound design.
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Native Dance

Track Length:  1.29

Dreamy and thoughtful soundtrack suitable for Film and TV, with flutes, guitars, contemporary drums, ambience and native percussions.
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Native Fire

Track Length:  2.04

Soft, emotional and thoughtful ambient soundscape featuring piano, strings, Native flute and native singing.
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Native Legend

Track Length:  1.27

Soft, emotional, thoughtful ambience. Native Flutes, piano, strings, contemporary drums and bass.
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Native Secret

Track Length:  2.14

Soft, emotional, thoughtful ambience. Instrumentation features Native flute, piano, strings, contemporary drums, bass and acoustic guitar.
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Native Soul

Track Length:  1.34

Soft, emotional and thoughtful soundscape with native percussions, native flutes and native singing.
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Native Wisdom

Track Length:  4.12

Beautiful organic underscore for natives outdoor living .Many changes in tempo and vibe. Flutes, ambiences, native percussions and native voices.
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Night Call

Track Length:  1.25

Soft, emotional, sad and dreamy underscore for Film and TV. Features acoustic guitar, ambient sounds and sound design.
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Rushing Thoughts 1

Track Length:  1.26

Soft, emotional, sad and dreamy. Ambient background music for Film and TV with acoustic guitar, voice and sound design.
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Something in the Air

Track Length:  1.19

Dreamy, surreal and ambient modern underscore for Film and TV. Percussive background music.
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