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Royalty free soundscapes full of texture and plenty of atmosphere. Light synth pads, dark and foreboding ambiences, metallic sounds and abstract environments make this section of soundscapes and atmospheres ideal for documentaries of space / underwater exploration or dark, mysterious and tense thriller / sci-fi / futuristic film and game soundtracks.

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Dark Swamp 5sec

Track Length:  0.05

Ambient, dark, eerie, atmospheric, soundscape, deep south, atmosphere
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Scary Soundscape

Track Length:  2.58

Dark disturbing sounds, heavy bass, multi-layered score. Mood: dark, uneasy. Tempo: slow. Lead Instruments: keyboards, industrial noise
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Sci-fi Scary

Track Length:  2.03

Solaris style sci-fi ambiance & industrial metallic sounds. Mood: cold, depressed, mysterious. Tempo: slow. Lead Instruments: keyboards, industrial no...
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Spaced Out

Track Length:  1.24

Diving in the deep sea or floating out into deep space, either way its dark, cold & your surrounded by electricity. Mood: dark, exploratory. Tempo: sl...
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The Fairy Woods

Track Length:  6.09

The Fairy Woods: A slow, almost hypnotic 12-string guitar arpeggio brings in forest flutes, bass guitar and ethereal pads in a mysterious and beautifu...
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The Freeze

Track Length:  2.40 | Additional Versions : 5

Very sparse underscore, almost a void. Scraping pads, unrecognizable, resonant sounds. A place of unease and disease, sneaking, hiding. Great as a sci...
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Track Length:  0.51 | Additional Versions : 2

Dark and disturbing soundscape. Horror, sci-fi, creepy, sound design. An uneasy drone and distant, reverberant hissing noise develops into a climax at...
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