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Prelude Opus 28 No.20 in C Minor (Funeral March) (Quiet Ending)

Track Length:  1.44

The pianist decided to perform a quieter ending to this Chopin prelude. It has the nickname, 'Funeral March', although it isn't the tune we associate ...
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Prelude Opus 28 No.4 in E Minor (Suffocation)

Track Length:  2.05

Sad and devoid of hope, this Chopin composition was played at his own funeral. It has been popular in recent film and TV productions including 'The Pi...
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Prelude Opus 28 No.7 A Major (The Polish Dancer)

Track Length:  0.48

Only sixteen bars long, this is a beautiful prelude. Graceful, serene and delicate it allows the listener to relax and unwind in a calm and peaceful w...
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Recuerdos de la Alhambra

Track Length:  5.23

An advanced tremolo technique is required to perform this complex and well known guitar piece. 'Memories of the Alhambra', transports you to a differe...
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Romance for Guitar (Romanza)

Track Length:  2.42

This is such a well known and popular guitar solo that it is remarkable that the composer is unknown. A positive Spanish feel to this track full of pa...
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Waltz Isabel

Track Length:  1.41

A delightful waltz for guitar by Francisco Terrega. Sweet and bright, the melodies jump around in a positive and upbeat way. The whole track is happy,...
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Waltz Opus 39 No.15 in A Flat Major

Track Length:  1.30

One of sixteen waltzes by Brahms which shows a really soft and sentimental side. The dynamics don't change too much so it has a very peaceful approach...
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Waltz Opus 64 No.2 in C Sharp Minor

Track Length:  2.56

The start to this Chopin waltz is elegant and almost sedate. But then the contrast is shown by very fast sections that leave you whirling and spinning...
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Waltz Opus 69 No.1 in A Flat Major (Ladieu)

Track Length:  4.01

A playful waltz with a slight tinge of regret. 'The Farewell Waltz', was written by Chopin for a love he was once engaged to. An affectionate piece wi...
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Chopin Etude Opus 10 No.3 (Tritesse)

Track Length:  4.35

A serene start with beautiful melodies produces a sentimental and loving atmosphere. This contrasts with the more upbeat, almost dance-like passage wh...
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