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Chopin Etude Opus 10 No.3 (Tritesse)

Track Length:  4.35

A serene start with beautiful melodies produces a sentimental and loving atmosphere. This contrasts with the more upbeat, almost dance-like passage wh...
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Mazurka Opus 67 No.2 in G Minor

Track Length:  1.57

Chopin composed many mazurkas, (a Polish folk dance), and this is one of his most familiar. Not too fast, but swirling and with a light playfulness, i...
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Liszt Liebestraum No.3 (S.541 No.3)

Track Length:  4.47

The most famous of Liszt's Liebestraums. A popular melody which flows along with grace and elegance. Widely used in advertising, films and TV, this lo...
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Asturias (Leyenda)

Track Length:  6.20

Brooding and oozing passion, this cross between Spanish flamenco and classical styles is one of the most famous solo guitar pieces. Popular and dramat...
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Ballade No.1 Opus 23 in G Minor

Track Length:  9.12

An emotional and complex piano solo which is alleged to be Chopin's attempt to reflect his unhappiness in Vienna. It has been widely used in films, (s...
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Dedicatoria (from Cuentos de la Juventud Opus 1)

Track Length:  1.52

Light, delicate and playful this was originally written for piano and has since become very popular with guitarists. Very much in a Spanish style it r...
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Gavotte Maria

Track Length:  1.36

This gavotte, (French folk dance), for guitar is playful and buoyant. You can visualise the dancers from years gone by having fun at gatherings and pa...
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Gran Vals

Track Length:  3.01 | Additional Versions : 1

Joyous upbeat waltz for solo classical guitar written around 90 years before a few bars of it became the most popular ringtone in history when used by...
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Gran Vals (Sting)

Track Length:  0.04

This sting contains the few bars in the composition 'Gran Vals' which became the famous ringtone melody used by Nokia phones. Classical composer: Fran...
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Nocturne Opus 9 No.1 in B Flat Minor

Track Length:  5.42

A piano solo that starts peacefully and delicately before rising to an emotional crescendo, then dropping back to a serene finish. An atmospheric piec...
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