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Grand Valse Brilliante Opus 18 in E flat major

Track Length:  4.30

Bristling with energy, this lively waltz for solo piano surges with huge confidence and presence. Requires great skill from the performer to keep up w...
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Minute Waltz Opus 64 No.1 in D flat major

Track Length:  1.48

The tempo instruction on the score is 'molto vivace', (very lively), and it certainly is swift and joyous. A very famous piece which is used as the th...
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Nocturne Opus 15 No.2 in F sharp major

Track Length:  3.34

A tender start to this lovely piano solo. The middle section rises with increasing emotion before settling down with the piece ending very much as it ...
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Nocturne Opus 27 No.2 in D flat major

Track Length:  5.21

Beautiful melodies glide with effortless grace at the start of this famous Chopin piano solo. It becomes more intense before a soft ending. Used in ma...
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Prelude Opus 28 No.15 in D flat major (Raindrop)

Track Length:  5.37

One of Chopin's twenty four preludes which starts very quietly. A note repeats like the pitter-patter of raindrops. A more intense section rises like ...
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Waltz Opus 69 No.2 in B minor

Track Length:  3.28

The minor key of this waltz gives the piece a melancholic, almost sad feel. The soloist plays at a medium tempo without straying too far from the init...
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Waltz Opus 70 No.1 in G flat major

Track Length:  2.15

Dancing melodies bounce and sparkle in this glorious waltz for piano. A calmer section allows you to get your breath back before reverting to its spri...
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Ballade No.1 Opus 23 in G Minor

Track Length:  9.12

An emotional and complex piano solo which is alleged to be Chopin's attempt to reflect his unhappiness in Vienna. It has been widely used in films, (s...
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Gnossienne No.2 (CMFM)

Track Length:  2.12

The second Gnossienne has the instruction, 'avec ?tonnement', (with astonishment), to instruct the player to play slightly faster than the other two p...
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Gymnopedie No.3 (CMFM)

Track Length:  2.37

Slow and grave, ('Lent et grave'), the third Gymnopodie is perhaps the most heartbreaking. The whole ambience is punctuated by mournful melodies that ...
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