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Gnossienne No.1 (CMFM)

Track Length:  3.16

Slow, ('Lent' in French), and free-flowing, this track evokes an almost daydream like state. This is the first of three works to be given the name Gno...
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Bach Marcello Adagio from Concerto BWV 974

Track Length:  4.54

J. S. Bach & A. I. Marcello's Adagio from Concerto BWV 974. Composed by Alessandro Ignazio Marcello and transcribed for keyboard by Johann Sebastian B...
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Je te Veux

Track Length:  5.20

A waltz for solo piano which conjures up images of Paris and popular song around 1900. The title translates into, 'I Want You', and reflects the senti...
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Song Without Words

Track Length:  3.27 | Additional Versions : 4

Mendelssohn 'Song Without Words' Opus 19 No. 1. Dream Valley Music's arrangement of Mendelssohn's piano opus gives the piece a beautifully distant and...
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Song Without Words 30secs

Track Length:  0.37

30 seconds edit of the main track.
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Song Without Words 60secs

Track Length:  1.04

60 seconds edit of the main track.
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Song Without Words Loop 01

Track Length:  0.36

Short edit of the main track for looping.
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Song Without Words Underscore

Track Length:  3.25

Underscore version of the main track.
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Berceuse Opus 57 in D flat major

Track Length:  4.54

Delicate lullaby for piano written by Chopin as variations on a theme. It showcases the inventiveness of the composer as ideas evolve. Lose yourself i...
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Fur Elise (Bagatelle No.25 in A minor)

Track Length:  2.40

One of the most famous classical pieces for solo piano. Delightfully playful and hugely popular, its melodies over left hand arpeggios are instantly r...
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