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Track Length:  2.34 | Additional Versions : 8

A romantic, sincere and caring track featuring acoustic guitar, piano and lush strings. Emotional, loving, caring and hopeful, think eternal love, fam...
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Landscape Colors

Track Length:  4.01 | Additional Versions : 8

A romantic, sincere and caring track featuring beautiful acoustic guitar melodies, piano and lush strings. Emotional, loving, caring and hopeful with ...
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Now and Tomorrow

Track Length:  3.14 | Additional Versions : 9

A romantic, easy-going and caring track featuring light strings, acoustic guitar, subtle drums and piano, somewhat dreamy and a touch melancholic. Lov...
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The Path Less Taken

Track Length:  3.24 | Additional Versions : 9

Light, bright, ambient / pop / chill-out / downtempo track with a fluttery, positive and relaxing feel. Light, natural beauty and harmony, and a sligh...
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Track Length:  3.23 | Additional Versions : 8

Dreamy and floaty Pop / Downtempo / Ambient Chill-out track with an airy, fluttery feel. Features light piano and ethereal sounding electric guitar wi...
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Wonderful Day

Track Length:  2.26 | Additional Versions : 8

This track blends influences from classical, ambient and new-age genres into a light, mellow and beautiful melody. Light, natural beauty and harmony. ...
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Fairground Fun

Track Length:  2.16 | Additional Versions : 11

8-bit chiptune / Retro video game music. Cute and fun retro video game style track; 8-bit computer / videogame sound combined with some more modern el...
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Freddy In Flowerland

Track Length:  1.59 | Additional Versions : 10

Retro video game / chip music. Cute, innocent, retro video game style that is happy and carefree. This 8-bit sound, influenced by Nintendo, Sega, Comm...
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Land Attack

Track Length:  4.24 | Additional Versions : 11

Retro video game / chip music. Retro video game soundtrack style with a rough and mysterious edge, reminiscent of 8-bit video games with an action her...
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Mushroom Boogie

Track Length:  2.25 | Additional Versions : 12

8-bit / Retro video game music. Fun, cheeky and cute retro video game style music, a nod back to the 80's and 90's with Super Mario and his friends. A...
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