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Soul of Reggae

Track Length:  2.51 | Additional Versions : 9

A nicely flowing Reggae track. Gentle, easy-going and feelgood. Also available in an Underscore version, without the lead guitar. 88 BPM.
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Track Length:  3.23 | Additional Versions : 7

A lively and funky Reggae track featuring a brass section. The main beat sets in after about 25 secs. Jamaica sound. 140 BPM.
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Summer Reggae Jam

Track Length:  2.26 | Additional Versions : 9

A nicely flowing and grooving, feelgood Reggae track. Fairly laid-back, without too much in the way of lead / soloing, making this track good for back...
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Summertime Reggae

Track Length:  3.11 | Additional Versions : 9

An easy-going, laid back and somewhat lazy Reggae groove, with light, melancholic melodies. A nice and summerly, chilled-out reggae track featuring el...
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Sunshine Movement

Track Length:  2.59 | Additional Versions : 9

A slow to medium, laid-back and somewhat sensual reggae track. Nice Jamaican / traditional reggae arrangement. Good for background use, holidays / vac...
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Away from This World

Track Length:  2.54 | Additional Versions : 8

A rough, tough, hard edged Big Beat track with acidic synths and flanged guitar riffs. Good for action, attitude and gutsy stunts etc. 116 BPM.
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Bang Boom

Track Length:  3.08 | Additional Versions : 8

A big, bad, slamming, rough track somewhere between techno, rock, big beat and industrialism. Determined, aggressive, relentless. Guitar riffs with a ...
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Bitter Sweat

Track Length:  2.43 | Additional Versions : 8

A hard edged, downtempo, 'rough and tumble' track with edgy guitar riffs and acidic, squelchy synths over a slamming beat. Post industrial, spiteful, ...
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Bring Me to Life

Track Length:  3.37 | Additional Versions : 8

A slow, edgy, rough and bad-ass Big Beat track. Good for action, sports / extreme sports, crime in progress, dirt and grit, chase down, fights and bra...
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Feel Again

Track Length:  3.17 | Additional Versions : 8

Rough, downtempo techno / rock crossover. A gutsy guitar riff combines with a Big Beat drum rhythm and trippy synths, to create a harsh, post industri...
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