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A New Way Into Your Heart

Track Length:  2.34

Fast Samba. Grand piano, electric bass, acoustic guitar, flute, drums. Exciting, flashy, sexy, driven performance like a Mardi Gras dancer!
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After All Else Fails

Track Length:  2.58

Going to plan B often requires a lot of energy, featuring piano, electric piano, guitar, bass, drums and percussion.
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Track Length:  3.27

A samba with a delicate flute lead that is warm and inviting. Features piano, bass and congas.
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Beautiful Times

Track Length:  3.47

An easy-going and mellow bossa nova with a tender and beautiful melody featuring piano, bass, drums, guitar and electric piano.
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Beginners Luck

Track Length:  3.09

A driving and motivational samba with piano, electric bass, vibes, guitar and percussion.
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Bobble Heads

Track Length:  2.57

Music that emulates the swaying bobble head dolls featuring electric piano, guitar, flute, bass and percussion.
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Bossa De Macaroni

Track Length:  2.58

piano, electric piano, flute, electric bass, acoustic guitar, drums, Latin percussion. A warm and inviting Bossa Nova with flute and piano solos. Drum...
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Track Length:  3.24

A little bug work music, since that seems to be what bugs do. Features lower brass, flute, Indian Sitar, African marimba, piano, congas and dobro guit...
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Cant Get There From Here

Track Length:  3.03

Lively yet mysterious tango with piano, acoustic bass, bandoneon, mandolin and acoustic guitar.
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Do Tempt Me

Track Length:  3.07

Samba. Tempting and tasty melody with twin guitars playing the head and alternating solos, then ending with a trio of guitars playing harmonically. Fe...
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