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The Duck Battalion

Track Length:  3.24

A march to help get those unruly ducks in a row! Featuring acoustic bass, ukulele, acoustic guitar, marimba, piano and tin whistle.
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The Longest Day

Track Length:  3.51

A mysterious yet hopeful Latin waltz with piano, bass, percussion, guitar, vibes and flute.
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The Night Was Sultry

Track Length:  4.44

Passionate tango with piano, acoustic bass, bandoneon and acoustic guitar.
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The Picnic

Track Length:  3.48

A festive and joyous tune with piano, electric piano, guitar, flute, bass and percussion.
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The Price is Nice

Track Length:  3.25

A mid-tempo bossa nova with a positive vibe featuring piano, flute, guitar, bass and drums.
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The Procrastinator

Track Length:  3.46

A frenetic and bluesy Latin pop tune with piano, guitar, steel drum, vibes, bass, drums and percussion.
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The Pudding Samba

Track Length:  3.29

A silly name for such a cool tune. Acoustic guitar, Steinway grand piano, electric piano, electric bass, drums, Latin percussion.
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The Turkey Strut

Track Length:  3.03

Banjo, marimba and tuba take the lead on this entertainingly jaunty piece. Marimba, tuba, banjo, piano, mandolin.
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The Usual Suspects

Track Length:  2.12

Piano, snare drum, tuba, flute, guitar, brass. reminiscent of a 1940's war era POW camp movie. think Hogan's Heroes
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The Yes Men

Track Length:  2.59

A sexy bossa nova puts you in a tempting mood with piano, bass, drums and guitar.
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