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Beyond Redemption

Track Length:  1.40 | Additional Versions : 1

An emotive orchestral soundtrack, solemn and sombre. Slow tempo, starts with strings and harp before building with brass and occasional percussion. Th...
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Fatal Thunder

Track Length:  2.27

Epic and heroic orchestral film score, swashbuckling adventure, battle, heroes ready for the fight, loved ones back home awaiting a their triumphant r...
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Track Length:  3.16

Emotional, glassy soundtrack supported by a string orchestra. Synthesizers, bells and Cimbalom create a special atmosphere.
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The Bay

Track Length:  4.42

Ocean atmosphere and the sound of sea lead in a relaxing flute and orchestra melody.
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The Path to Heaven

Track Length:  4.38

Slow, meditative, dreamy atmospheric soundtrack with a full orchestra finale. Melody played by a Shakuhachi.
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4 U

Track Length:  1.57

Emotional modern solo acoustic piano piece.
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Step by Step

Track Length:  2.31

Emotional modern solo acoustic piano piece.
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New Horizon

Track Length:  2.08

World soundtrack piece driven by strong Taiko drums rhythm.
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Dark and Mysterious

Track Length:  1.36

Mysterious piece with flutes, harp, piano and string-orchestra.
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Robotic Organism

Track Length:  2.12

Noble sounding theme played by brass. Cello part in the quiet section before massive finale with staccato strings and brass.
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