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Highway Battle

Track Length:  1.52

Orchestral hybrid action track. It starts with a bass arpeggio followed by strings and brass theme. Supported by powerful drums.
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Track Length:  2.08

Orchestral action soundtrack with heavy and distorted electric guitars.
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Joy and Happiness

Track Length:  2.46

Emotional modern solo acoustic piano piece. Suitable for documentaries, weddings or similar productions.
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Drums of War

Track Length:  2.49

Orchestral action soundtrack with strong supporting percussion. Perfect for action, chase, battle and war scenes.
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Track Length:  1.16

Emotional music with piano, followed by a full orchestra and choir finale. Suitable for film and game trailer.
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Dawn of Victory

Track Length:  3.11

Cinematic and epic sounding orchestral film score. Heroic and triumphant fanfare, marching or sailing to victory.
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Track Length:  1.53

Emotional and solemn orchestral film score that starts with a dark sound comprised of a drone and slow strings later joined by piano. The piece is dar...
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Battlefield (M.Jorns)

Track Length:  0.30

Short epic orchestral piece with a strong brass melody line. Ideal for heroic, action, adventure, war, film trailer or game soundtrack.
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Track Length:  2.26

Very dark, extremely heavy with strong industrial percussion. Would suit dark action adventure, sci-fi or film soundtrack. Moderate to quick tempo.
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Farewell (M.Jorns)

Track Length:  1.59

Pensive and melancholy orchestral film score. Suitable for conveying sadness, reflection, an emotional goodbye. Starts with strings and woodwind befor...
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