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Track Length:  1.37 | Additional Versions : 3

A clarinet ensemble creates a wonderfully atmospheric track which sings through the darkness in a slightly sad and melancholic way. A bass clarinet un...
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Classic Clarinet

Track Length:  1.42

A clarinet melody gives the sense of a subtle yet grand procession to this up-tempo track. A feeling of historical literature and events allows this p...
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Come Swing With Me

Track Length:  3.43 | Additional Versions : 3

Foot tapping feel good jazz. A quintet of clarinet, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass and drums give this track a wonderfully fresh Summer's day outloo...
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Track Length:  1.46

Synth chords wash over you with mellow reflection. A time for quiet thought and contemplation. This spacious track sometimes feels like it is trapped ...
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Contemporary Piano

Track Length:  1.40 | Additional Versions : 3

Several acoustic piano parts plus a little light percussion make up this track. Firstly, a deep bass is heard followed by a high melody line. As the p...
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Track Length:  0.33

A pipe organ sound with lots of reverb creates a very important feel to this short track. A fast melody is accompanied by long and prominent bass note...
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Crazy Sax

Track Length:  1.38 | Additional Versions : 2

Jazz quartet of alto sax, piano, bass and drums drive forward in this energetic be-bop piece. Up-tempo and upbeat, the piano and bass provide a consta...
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D Is For Danger

Track Length:  1.38 | Additional Versions : 4

Rapid accompaniment pierced by dulcimer chords create a frantic scene of urgency. Sometimes descending into chaos, the clarinet melody adds to the ten...
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Track Length:  5.54 | Additional Versions : 1

Fresh Latin jazz. Upbeat and happy in nature, a tenor sax provides a smooth melody for the underlying rhythm guitar and percussion accompaniment with ...
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Distant Voices

Track Length:  1.43

Initially there is just a sax and synth vox noise playing a haunting melody together. This then develops to more voices and a piano joining in as the ...
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