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Shadow Of Dark

Track Length:  2.02 | Additional Versions : 1

A lonely flute cries out against a strange accompaniment of gamelan and cymbals. Quite tense at times, this track conveys a spooky and haunted lonelin...
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Track Length:  1.50

Bright, sparkling synths tinkle and descend in amongst the swirling clarinet motifs. Sometimes the higher notes are slightly out of time to add a litt...
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Track Length:  1.46 | Additional Versions : 1

Light jazz funk with the lead melody line taken by a cool soprano sax. Groovy bass and drums provide the backing for vibes and electric piano in this ...
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Short Lament

Track Length:  1.22

A tenor sax with subtle melodies and improvisations on top of synth chords leaning towards a mournful and slightly sad ambience. Slow and almost sombr...
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Slap Bass

Track Length:  1.30 | Additional Versions : 2

Light industrial track with piano and slap bass providing most of the rhythmic elements that drive the piece along. A mechanical and automated feel to...
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Track Length:  2.29

Odd percussion patterns, wobbly chords and a bass on the beat make a strange backdrop for a sax and a clarinet to mingle and take their own solos. Ver...
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Track Length:  1.43 | Additional Versions : 1

Moody jazz funk featuring the unusual sound of a bass clarinet which takes the lead. A modern rhythm track with electric piano and bass provide the ba...
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Track Length:  0.58 | Additional Versions : 2

Bass clarinet gives deep staccato notes against a light percussion accompaniment to produce a clandestine atmosphere. Almost comical, this short track...
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Spanish Knight

Track Length:  2.14

A Spanish guitar sound provides a simple riff for a sax to play over and provide sweeping phrases whilst a shaker provides a very limited percussive b...
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Straight Jazz

Track Length:  1.37 | Additional Versions : 1

Sax melodies and solo ring out with a slight feeling of impatience and unease in this energetic be-bop track. Electric piano, bass and light cymbal ac...
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