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Walk Together

Track Length:  2.44 | Additional Versions : 17

A bouncy folk pop track with acoustic guitar strums and male vocals. Filled with catchy piano hooks and a willingness to keep listening! This track bu...
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A Sunny Outlook

Track Length:  1.58 | Additional Versions : 11

Feelgood, casual, easy going track, with whistling melodies and a lot of positive energy. Casual, homey, simple pleasures. 125 BPM.
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A True Delight

Track Length:  2.06 | Additional Versions : 15

A folky guitar strum with whistled melody and percussions. Features smooth backup vocal harmonies with claps and catchy Piano and Glockenspiel melodie...
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All Good Thoughts

Track Length:  2.05 | Additional Versions : 12

This catchy track features a pop/bossa nova feel throughout which quickly builds with additional snare marching rhythms and energetic claps. A very rh...
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Best Days of Our Lives

Track Length:  2.19 | Additional Versions : 15

Upbeat and electrified from the start. Lots of electric guitar and tasty tom fills to propel this track forward. High energy throughout with one 'brid...
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Come On Home

Track Length:  2.08 | Additional Versions : 12

A cute and uplifting track with catchy piano melodies and lots of rhythmic claps. Builds into an electrified section with a low electric guitar melody...
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Easy Motion

Track Length:  2.28 | Additional Versions : 12

An uplifting track with the feel of 90's pop music, but with a commercial spin on it. Vibrant piano melodies and lots of claps to propel the music for...
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Fall In Love

Track Length:  2.10 | Additional Versions : 11

A feel good, bouncy tune with a whistled melody. Crisp claps and moody guitar will lighten up the mood. 132 BPM.
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For the Soul

Track Length:  2.31 | Additional Versions : 12

A folky electric guitar feel with a prominent steady kick drum. Hooky melody is played by glockenspiel and piano. Eventually builds into an Americana ...
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Its a Beautiful Day

Track Length:  2.02 | Additional Versions : 12

A folky, homey, acoustic track with buttery guitar sounds and a moody electric guitar hook. Features male 'ooh' vocals throughout. Also available with...
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