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Under the Sun

Track Length:  2.19 | Additional Versions : 14

A cute, upbeat folky sounding track which includes a catchy acoustic guitar melody along with inspirational piano melodies. Very dynamic and high in e...
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Climb to the Top

Track Length:  2.30 | Additional Versions : 15

An electrified indie-pop inspired piece with an acoustic guitar melody throughout. Features unison chorus vocals. Very anthemic and high energy. Versa...
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Feelgood Vibe

Track Length:  2.34 | Additional Versions : 13

An EDM inspired track with new wave synth sounds, but also with an indie / folk feel. Also features an upbeat whistle melody and vocal oh's. Groovy, d...
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Finish What You Started

Track Length:  2.08 | Additional Versions : 13

An indie folk pop track starting strong with driving guitar and drums. Heavily electric guitar driven, this tune is suitable for a variety of projects...
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Follow the Stars

Track Length:  2.11 | Additional Versions : 13

A soulful composition that features a buttery female vocal which then escalates into a chorus chant. High energy, hopeful and inspiring. Very versatil...
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Hopeful Morning

Track Length:  2.43 | Additional Versions : 9

A sweet pop piano piece much like a lullaby. Very dynamic; starts with a soft piano melody which builds smoothly into an electrified chorus with jungl...
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Keep It Up

Track Length:  2.57 | Additional Versions : 15

A folky pop track that features a whistling melody and an acoustic strum. Melody is accompanied by glockenspiel and folky piano. Versatile and can be ...
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Make You Smile

Track Length:  2.41 | Additional Versions : 13

A indie folk pop influenced track that is uplifting and very high energy. Features a vocal hook accompanied by a guitar melody. Electrified, quick pac...
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Track Length:  2.37 | Additional Versions : 12

A nice and flowing Indie pop/folk/rock track with a nice vocal ooh ooh type hook. Driven by electric guitar riffs and high energy, compressed drum sou...
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Follow Through

Track Length:  2.21 | Additional Versions : 14

A driving, upbeat track with modern/futuristic sounding melodies. Features A catchy male vocal phrase along with high energy guitar and drums. Diverse...
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