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A Storm Brews

Track Length:  2.11 | Additional Versions : 11

A dark and broody hybrid track mixing electronic and orchestral elements. Creates a feeling of tension, darkness and terror. Good for a trailer, drama...
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Battle for Athena

Track Length:  2.05 | Additional Versions : 12

A percussive, suspenseful and threatening track with plenty of rhythmic synths and bass drops. Powerful brass theme creates a heroic mood, while elect...
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Darkness Ahead

Track Length:  2.35 | Additional Versions : 13

Opening with moving electronic sounds, and pounding drums, this is a powerful and cinematic track which creates a heroic and huge sound. An unusual mi...
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End Game

Track Length:  1.59 | Additional Versions : 11

A fast paced action packed cue which creates a dark, cinematic and suspenseful mood. Threatening and pounding drums mixed with electronic elements alo...
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Enter the Machine

Track Length:  2.17 | Additional Versions : 10

A cue consisting mainly of electronic sounds and synths. Large 'bram' sounds from brass mixed with epic sounding strings which create a large cinemati...
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Track Length:  2.02 | Additional Versions : 10

A dark and driving cinematic cue consisting of strings, electronic drums and ominous synths. A huge sounding track which is epic in every sense - some...
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Heaven Falls

Track Length:  2.22 | Additional Versions : 14

Opening with epic strings and huge sounding synths, this is a massive sounding track complete with risers and boomers for transitions. Perfect for an ...
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Hero Reigns Supreme

Track Length:  2.16 | Additional Versions : 13

Ominous synths with pounding drums set the scene, while solo violin creates a lyrical and emotional mood. Huge brass section enters at 0:55 to create ...
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The Battle Begins

Track Length:  2.28 | Additional Versions : 12

Electronic elements mixed with a huge dark brass section. Incredible sounding distorted drums mixed with orchestral instruments make this a unique sou...
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The Future Awaits

Track Length:  2.18 | Additional Versions : 11

A cue consisting mainly of electronic sounds along with solo violin which creates a melancholy mood. Great for a dark and brooding scene to create ten...
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