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Gliding Through the Clouds

Track Length:  2.25 | Additional Versions : 8

Multiple pianos converge to create a pulsing piano track, full of movement and sweeping lines. Powerful and emotional, this track is touching, loving ...
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Into the Night

Track Length:  3.15 | Additional Versions : 10

Poignant and soulful piano music that evokes feelings of loss and longing. Repetitive piano patterns interweave through each other creating a reflecti...
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Lost in a Dream

Track Length:  3.23 | Additional Versions : 13

This piano piece has a floating and soaring mood created from multiple pianos playing beautiful melodies and harmonies. Violin enters at 1:50 providin...
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Love and Heartbeats

Track Length:  2.29 | Additional Versions : 8

A Philip Glass inspired piano track; dramatic and passionate, yet reflective and romantic, perhaps depicting two lovers longing for each others powerf...
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Past Events

Track Length:  2.27 | Additional Versions : 8

Piano music featuring subtle strings. Emotional, pensive, slightly mysterious, good for drama and storytelling / dramatic soundtrack, amazement and wo...
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Reflections on the Lake

Track Length:  3.20 | Additional Versions : 8

Relaxing and delicate piano music. Fragile and a little bit melancholic, this track is good for Film / TV drama, story telling, also for introspective...
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A Quirky Flourish

Track Length:  2.23 | Additional Versions : 11

Upbeat, quirky and unusual, this track is fun and slightly whacky. Opens with piano, pizzicato strings and xylophone, moving into a more bouncy and wh...
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Playing with the Birds

Track Length:  2.02 | Additional Versions : 8

A light-hearted and quirky track with lots of interesting percussion and clapping. Unusual sounding instruments mixed with fun and upbeat melodies cre...
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Were Going Home

Track Length:  2.31 | Additional Versions : 7

A toe tapping happy cue, which is innocent, fun and playful. Full orchestra, a marching band and plenty of interesting instruments playing create a li...
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Bucks of Oranmore

Track Length:  1.26 | Additional Versions : 2

Upbeat, lively and playful Irish traditional tune. Driving acoustic guitar accompanies fast paced fiddle in a toe tapping popular Irish reel. Heard a ...
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