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Virtuoso (Loop 2)

Track Length:  0.11

A short version of 'Virtuoso' for looping.
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Virtuoso (Sting)

Track Length:  0.08

A sting version of 'Virtuoso'.
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Viva Fiesta

Track Length:  6.03 | Additional Versions : 3

Alto sax, guitar, bass and light Latin drum accompaniment create a soothing atmosphere. Perfect for reflection on events with friends and a cocktail o...
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Voodoo Night

Track Length:  2.58 | Additional Versions : 6

Middle Eastern sounding flute melodies cut through the jaws harp rhythms and the modern Western style drum track. A really determined, almost harsh fe...
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Track Length:  0.27

Fanfare victory theme. Grand opening, celebration, celebratory, inauguration, crowning, victory, rise of a king, success theme.
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Vava Vu

Track Length:  2.12 | Additional Versions : 2

Chill out cool jazz fusion piece with ethereal mystery, edible anticipation and rich orchestration.
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Velvet Mist

Track Length:  2.16

Mellow jazz / rock end section with blues harp.
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Valle de Mosa II

Track Length:  4.44

An introspective, thoughtful and poignant film soundtrack piece, somewhat nostalgic / melancholic, perhaps sorrow, loss or memories of bygone times. S...
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Veritas Domini

Track Length:  1.20 | Additional Versions : 1

Dark, dangerous, powerful forces, rising up, majestic, like a horde of warriors or a fleet of warships. Threatening, perhaps also pirates, pirate ship...
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Vinyl Vibes

Track Length:  1.54

Ambient Rhodes piano with chillout vinyl grooves.
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