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Vacation Road

Track Length:  2.10 | Additional Versions : 11

Upbeat, happy-go-lucky rhythm guitar sets the mood for this tune with a catchy, simple keyboard melody line, backed by strings. Family road trip singa...
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Vacations in My Island

Track Length:  2.08 | Additional Versions : 17

This music is a ray of happy, bright sunshine. Think Caribbean holiday, unwinding at a beach bar, enjoying the sun, sand and sea. It has a catchy hook...
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Track Length:  2.18 | Additional Versions : 10

Soundtrack / Sci-fi / Space / Fantasy. An adagio-like track that mixes orchestral and synthesized sounds to create a dystopian, ominous atmosphere. Th...
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Track Length:  3.08 | Additional Versions : 1

Reflective, introspective, warm and melancholy composition. Some times the real value lies in the simple things. Close, personal, emotive, heartwarmin...
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Track Length:  2.32 | Additional Versions : 8

European pop polka track, with a mandolin melody accompanied by finger picked guitars, bouncy bass and marching drums. Upbeat and very positive in ton...
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Track Length:  3.20 | Additional Versions : 11

A romantic, contemporary pop ballad. Led by acoustic guitars, this track is sentimental, but in a subtle and tasteful way. Love and friendships, preci...
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Valle de Mosa I

Track Length:  1.20

A sweet, innocent and fragile solo piano piece suitable for drama, story telling, ballerina, lullaby and more. Comforting, pretty, slight hint of nost...
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Valle de Mosa II

Track Length:  4.44

An introspective, thoughtful and poignant film soundtrack piece, somewhat nostalgic / melancholic, perhaps sorrow, loss or memories of bygone times. S...
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Valse Avec Moi

Track Length:  2.59 | Additional Versions : 3

A very traditional / classic sounding French accordion waltz. Heartfelt and passionate, like two lovers in a delightful waltz. Scenes of Paris, France...
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Valse Triste

Track Length:  2.53 | Additional Versions : 1

A traditional French folk song, arranged for us in a typical sound of France, rich and layered with accordions, bells and strings. Emotional, passiona...
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