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Just Knowing You Care

Track Length:  4.18

A tender and romantic waltz with piano, synth lead, strings, bowed bass, guitar, harp, cellos and F horn.
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Just To Be Needed

Track Length:  5.28

Ambient slow growing chilled out groove with jazz guitar.
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Jersey (Instrumental)

Track Length:  1.07

Urban / RnB hip-hop instrumental.
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Just Sexy

Track Length:  1.55 | Additional Versions : 1

Dance club, house, techno, electronic beat.
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Jazz Guitar Jam

Track Length:  2.52

Guitar music to get you ready for a night out, melodic solo. Mood: active, motivated, hopeful. Tempo: Moderately agile. Lead Instruments: Electric Gui...
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Journeys End (A.Sen)

Track Length:  3.50 | Additional Versions : 5

Soft pads combine with Indian tabla percussion and blues jazz style guitar melodies. A slight flavor of the exotic India with smooth jazzy guitar and ...
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Jazzy Chill Flute

Track Length:  3.10 | Additional Versions : 14

A swaggering, cavalier piece of jazzy lounge chillout music. It's got a certain 'Pink Panther' influence, cool and with a slow strut. Electric bass, e...
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Just Believe

Track Length:  2.34 | Additional Versions : 11

Electric guitars abound in this emotional, instrumental rock track. It's intense, but without getting heavy, and the acoustic guitars give it a certai...
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Just For You

Track Length:  2.58 | Additional Versions : 11

A fresh and sparkling guitar based pop / rock crossover track. Appealing melodies, bright alternative rock sound with acoustic and electric guitars, p...
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Just The Way It Goes

Track Length:  3.25 | Additional Versions : 4

A heartfelt, homely piece of guitar rock, with some country and blues influence. Melodic, poetic on the verse parts, and blazing, powerful chorus part...
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